Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Downtown Line Stage II Train Depot – Singapore


To provide long-term erosion control by use of slope stabilisation to stabilize and protect the immense slopes totalling about 163,000 m2 at the Depot site.


Slopes to be stabilized, divided into tiers (up to 4 tiers on some slopes) and sections, were excavated, compacted and covered with a layer of geotextile. VersiWeb panels were then installed over the geotextile and held secure over the sloping ground with J-peg anchors at regular intervals. VersiWeb uniformly distributes weight-bearing load and resists downward and lateral pressure and movement. Drainage between cells is facilitated by perforations on the cell walls which also prevent the build-up of hydrostatic pressure. The large perforations also allow unrestricted grass runner and root growth. Erosion is controlled by restricting movement of infill within the individual honeycombed cells. The cells are filled with planting soil and the stabilized slopes planted over with a carpet of grass.