Aldington, Ashford, Kent, UK


To provide a green wall system to improve the entrance to their offices, add visual interest and reduce the environmental impact of a warehouse in a rural location.


Elmich VersiWall® GP (VGP) was used to establish a living wall with dimensions of 4.8m (width) by 2.4m (height), totalling 11.5 square metres. The living wall comprised of 200 VGP 2060 trays mounted on a 75mm weld mesh panel framework suspended on mesh brackets, which are secured to a Unistrut metal framing system bolted to the building.

Inadvertent dislodgment of the VGP trays by inclement weather was prevented by the insertion of anti-lift arms into the hooks of the trays, effectively locking the trays to the mounting panel. An automated drip irrigation system was incorporated to deliver irrigation and nutrients to the plants in the individual trays on the wall at programmed intervals for pre-set durations with the aid of a control panel.

The trays are then planted with different hues of Heucheras to achieve the desired aesthetic effect.