Punggol Field Walk, Singapore


To provide the pedestal system to support installation of pavers surrounding the swimming pool.


VersiJack® height and slope adjustable pedestals were used to support heavy 600 mm X 600 mm granite pavers surrounding the swimming pool of the condominium.

The use of Spacer Tabs secured on the top of the Elmich pedestal enabled constant gaps between pavers. This application eliminated the need for surface drains and allowed surface water to drain away rapidly, keeping the pavers dry for the safety of the residents and visitors.

As the installation surface was sloped, Slope Correctors were used to allow adjustments of up to 5% to maintain a level pool deck.

Moreover, the raised pool deck enabled essential M&E service pipes to be hidden in the void space created beneath the raised pavers. During maintenance and repair work, workers can easily access these service pipes by lifting the pavers, saving time and cost instead of being subjected to the risks of removing embedded pavers.

In addition, VersiJack®’s resistance to mould and algae makes it the perfect choice when used in wet areas.

Elmich Pedestals provide a very practical solution for desirable pool decks for different kind of projects with its versatile height range and models.