501 – 525 Canberra Drive, Singapore


To provide green wall system to establish vertical greenery on front façade of car park


VersiWall GM (VGM) modules, each containing a geotextile bag filled with EnviroMix® GW, a primarily inorganic soil-less lightweight planting media, were pre-planted with selected green wall plants. Pre-planting of the VGM modules in a controlled nursery environment allows the plants to be firmly established and vertically orientated before installation. Stainless steel pilasters were bolted to the concrete wall to enable firm anchorage of the VGM modules to the wall.
The living wall occupies the entire front façade wall of the car park which encompasses also the wall immediately above the entrance to the car park. Framed with lush plants the façade of the car park serves as a source of therapeutic stress relief as well as a refreshing cheerful living banner to welcome residents and their visitors as they return home or enter the condominium.