Create Way, Singapore


To provide the Landscape Roof system beneath planter boxes on the rooftops of the building. 


1100 sq m of VersiCell sub-surface drainage modules were installed at the base of large planter boxes to provide a void beneath the planting media to enable expeditious transport of excess water to drainage outlets. A non-woven geotextile filter fabric was placed over the VersiCell modules before a 100mm sand layer was spread on top followed by the media for planting. The efficient discharge of excess water provided by the VersiCell drainage layer prevents the green roof planter boxes from getting waterlogged and ponding after downpours, supporting and ensuring healthy plant growth.
In addition to enabling environmental benefits associated with green roofs to be harnessed, the attractive rooftop greenery, is also enjoyed by occupants of the neighbouring buildings within University Town (Utown), and have played a part in the building being awarded BCA Green Mark Platinum which had in turn, helped the National University of Singapore, of which Utown is a part, to receive the coveted Green Mark Champion Award.
CREATE is an international research campus and innovation hub housing some 1,200 researchers within UTown and is home to a vibrant research community, including the National Research Foundation, interdisciplinary research centres from top universities and corporate laboratories.