Bukit Timah Community Club – Singapore


To provide the Green Roof System to facilitate turfing on the rooftop of the Community Club and create additional amenity space.


A polyurethane separation sheet was laid directly over the waterproofing membrane followed by a geotextile layer as initial preparation for the concrete roof to be planted. This was followed by installation ofVersiDrain 25P, drainage and water retention trays, covered over with a filter fabric, on which regular planting media was placed and Pearl Grass planted. A water sprinkler system was installed to provide automated irrigation at each lawn section.


In addition to enhancing aesthetics and opening up amenity space, the green roof provides a protective shield that prolongs the lifespan of the waterproofing membrane. Thermal insulation afforded also helps to keep the interior space directly beneath comfortably cool and save long-term energy costs for air-conditioning. The green roof also keeps immediate surrounding ambient temperature down and Urban Heat Island effect in check.