Private residence at Bishopsgate – Singapore


To provide a slope stabilisation to stabilize and protect steep slopes of between 40o and 70o fronting the residential house.


The steep slopes were compacted and covered with geotextile. 4 consecutive layers of VersiWeb were installed on the steep 70o slope. VersiWeb panels were anchored onto the slope at appropriate intervals with J-pegs with longer 5-foot J-pegs used to secure the apex. Individual panels were secured together with steel wires where they abut. Each individual layer was covered with infill and compacted before installing the next. Installed in layers VersiWeb forms an integrated structural mass that resists downward and lateral pressure and movement. A final layer of VersiWeb panels were installed over the entire slope encompassing both the 70o side and 40o front slopes. Planting soil was then installed and carpet grass planted on the stabilized slopes.