15 Joan Road – Singapore


To provide the Green Roof system to facilitate planting on the existing metal roof tops of the main building as well as the adjacent buildings at this address.


Elmich Green Roof was chosen because it is light and easy to install.
VersiCell structural drainage/insulation cells were used to fill the space between the metal ridges of the metal roofs, providing a ventilation layer and also creating a level flat surface. A separation sheet and geotextile was laid on top followed by installation of VersiDrain 25P drainage and water retention trays.

A filter fabric is positioned over the trays and EnviroMix GR, a lightweight and primarily inorganic planting media, installed on top for the planting of selected drought-tolerant plants.
An automated irrigation system is incorporated on the roofs for use during the initial plant establishment and to deliver water in prolonged periods of drought.