Ang Mo Kio, SIngapore


– To provide green wall systems to establish vertical greenery on the walls of eight campus blocks of the College up to a height of 35 m. (VGM®)
– To provide extensive green roof system to enable rooftop greening of three campus blocks. (VersiDrain®25P)
– To provide media retention web to enable all-around planting on eight cone-like concrete structures at the atrium. (VersiWeb®)


Green Wall

Elmich VGM® Green Wall system was used to establish 35 m living walls on eight campus blocks. The system comprises Vertical Greening Modules (VGM®) containing a geotextile bag filled with EnviroMix®GW (a primarily inorganic lightweight planting media) anchored onto stainless steel pilasters. An automated irrigation system delivers water and nutrients directly to plant roots to ensure healthy plant growth.

The green walls together totalling 5,300 sq m is the largest vertical greenery installation at a single development in the world.

Elmich VGM® Green Wall system is a highly engineered architectural living wall system utilising UV-stabilised plastic modules and stainless steel support brackets and pilasters that enable easy mounting and dismounting of VGMs during installation and maintenance. The system is certified to withstand wind uplift from various directions at 110km/h with no noticeable damage. Extremely versatile, the VGM modules were also easily adapted to accommodate the demanding design requirements of the project.

Extensive Green Roof

Elmich Extensive Green Roof system greened 2,400 sq m of rooftop space atop three campus blocks. VersiDrain®25P drainage and water retention trays were placed directly over the waterproofing layer on the rooftop and a geotextile filter layer was laid over the trays to allow lightweight planting media to be placed on top of the trays. Pearl Grass was selected for its heat tolerance and low maintenance. An automated pop-up sprinkler irrigation system was installed to ensure that a rich jade-green is sustained on the rooftops.

Slope Stabilisation

Eight pyramid gardens were erected in the atrium using VersiWeb®. The web panels were secured onto the eight structures using rebar anchors cast in the concrete. The cells were filled with planting media and a plastic mesh used to blanket the web to prevent media spillage. An automated irrigation system was installed to provide water and nutrients directly to the roots of the plants, whilst perforations in the VersiWeb® cell walls allow the water to infiltrate from one cell to another, providing drainage and avoiding hydrostatic pressure buildup.