VF Paving Support Pad

What is VF Paving Support Pad?

VF Paving Support Pad is a fixed height joist support for raised paving systems. It accommodates environments with low height constraints whilst providing air circulation and drainage underneath pavers.

VF Paving Support Pads are connected to VersiFrame® joist substructure and restrict unintended movement during maintenance and everyday traffic.

VF Paving Support Pads are used to elevate pavers to create leveled surfaces while ensuring water drains freely underneath the pavers.

VF Paving Support Pads are also available in TPE, which has superior properties in noise reduction, shock absorption, and traction to prevent slipping on sloped surfaces.

*VF Support Pad is a fixed, low-height raised floor installation. For a height-adjustable raised floor installation, see VersiFrame®.


VF Paving Support Pad is developed to be used with  VersiFrame®  aluminium joist system for:

  • Low-height paving installations
  • Protects underlying surface
  • Facilitates rapid drainage and air circulation
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Cost-effective system for raised paving
  • Also available in TPE for superior noise reduction, shock absorption and traction
Material PP/TPE
Height (mm) 4
Base diameter (mm) 165
Design span distance for joist support (mm) 400 – 600
Biological / Chemical resistance Unaffected by moulds and algae.
Resistant to corrosion

Joist Spacer Tab
Joist Spacer Tab separates pavers by a gap of 3 mm, 4 mm, 8 mm and can be configured to accommodate different paver layouts.

Side Wall Spacer
Side Wall Spacer extends the end of a joist when it is a distance from the wall while ensuring a gap of 10 mm between pavers and the wall.

End Wall Spacer
End Wall Spacer covers the end of a joist when it is against the wall while ensuring a gap of 10 mm between pavers and the wall.

Perpendicular Joist Joiner
Perpendicular Joist Joiner allows one end of a joist to connect perpendicularly along the length of another joist.

Straight Joist Joiner
Straight Joist Joiner is a concealed joiner that connects 2 joists in a straight line.

End Restrainer
End restrainer ensures that pavers do not slip off by closing off the perimeter edge of the paving area.

Angled Joist Joiner
Angled Joist Joiner is a stainless steel joiner that connects 2 joists in a straight line or at an angle.



*only compatible with VF 35R joist

VP Extender
VP Extender is used as a fixed base extender for an additional 4 mm height.