VersiFrame® Paving | Raised Floor System and Installation

What is VersiFrame®

VersiFrame® is an innovative aluminium joist system designed specifically for raised floor systems (pavers). When combined with VersiJack® pedestals, it forms a highly stable and versatile substructure for raised floors. It improves heat and sound insulation, facilitates rapid surface drainage and creates an easily accessible chamber to conceal mechanical and electrical services.

VersiFrame® is connected to VersiJack® pedestals using an adaptor and once locked in place, the substructure prevents pedestals from unintended movement during installation, maintenance and everyday traffic atop the raised pavers.

VersiFrame® allows for a high level of versatility and stability in the arrangement of floor pavers with height-adjustable pedestals and an array of accessories that integrate cleverly to achieve the preferred design and to allow full edge support for pavers.

*VersiFrame® is designed to be used together with VersiJack® height-adjustable pedestals. For a fixed, low-height raised floor installation, see VF Support Pad.

VersiFrame®  aluminium joist system for paving is developed to be used with VersiJack® screwjack adjustable pedestals for paver support on:

  • Roof terraces
  • Pedestrians walkways
  • Roof gardens
  • Balconies
  • Pool surrounds
  • Reflective pools
  • Podium landscapes
  • Under water features
  • Temporary floors or Exhibition stands
  • High strength, durable and reliable substructure
  • Efficient and uncomplicated raised floor installation process
  • Versatile with an array of accessories to accommodate various designs
  • Locked to VersiJack® pedestals with a joist adaptor for increased stability to prevent unintended movement
  • Rubber strips on the surface provide friction to minimise paver movement and increase sound and vibration dampening
VersiFrame® 25R
VersiFrame® 35R
Linear thermal expansion coefficient
2.34 x 10-5 K-1
2.34 x 10-5 K-1
Supply length (m)
Height (mm)
Design span along joist (mm)
Live load2 @ 3.0 kN/m2
Live load3 @ 5.0 kN/m2


Biological / Chemical resistance
Unaffected by moulds and algae. Resistant to corrosion.
1A6063 T5
2Uniformly distributed live loads on residential raised floor balconies should not exceed 3.0 kN/m2.
3Uniformly distributed live loads on commercial raised floor areas should not exceed 5.0 kN/m2.

VersiJack® pedestals support the entire raised substructure system securely.

Dampening Pad
Dampening Pad protects the underlying membrane of VersiJack® pedestals and acts as an acoustic and vibration dampening layer.

Joist Adaptor
Joist Adaptor is used to connect aluminium joists securely to the pedestal.

Raised Floor System Malaysia | Joist Adaptor

Joist Spacer Tab
Joist Spacer Tab separates pavers by a gap of 3 mm, 4 mm, 8 mm and can be configured to accommodate different paver layouts.

Raised Floor System | Joist Spacer

Side Wall Spacer
Side Wall Spacer extends the end of a joist when it is a distance from the wall while ensuring a gap of 10 mm between pavers and the wall.

Raised Floor Installation | Side Wall Spacer

End Wall Spacer 
End Wall Spacer covers the end of a joist when it is against the wall while ensuring a gap of 10 mm between pavers and the wall.

Raised Floor Installation | End Wall Spacer

Perpendicular Joist Joiner
Perpendicular Joist Joiner allows one end of a joist to connect perpendicularly along the length of another joist.

Straight Joist Joiner
Straight Joist Joiner is a concealed joiner that connects 2 joists in a straight line.

End Restrainer
End restrainer ensures that pavers do not slip off by closing off the perimeter edge of the paving area.

Raised Floor System | Restrainer

Angled Joist Joiner 
Angled Joist Joiner is a stainless steel joiner that connects 2 joists in a straight line or at an angle.

*only compatible with VF 35R joist

Vertical Edge Clips
Vertical Edge Clips allow pavers to be installed upright to create a closed edge installation.