Green Living 2016, the eco lifestyle event, was held at Marina Bay Sands from 9th to 11th September 2016. During this time, visitors had a fun-filled yet educational time learning about sustainability and the importance of going green. Elmich was proud to be part of this event with its enticing vertical garden measuring 40 square metres filling the venue with a refreshing atmosphere.



The vibrant green wall with healthy and colourful plants brought comfort to the eyes of visitors and camouflaged the impersonal lift area. Adults and children alike had a relaxing time visiting the many booths on display while learning more about how we can achieve a greener and more sustainable Singapore.



Within the busy event stood another one of Elmich’s green walls, which interestingly showcased vegetables instead of the usual plants for edible vertical farming. It is one of the many different uses of a green wall for home-grown vegetable lovers.  Elmich VersiWall® GP vertical garden system offers a simple space-efficient solution to establish herb and vegetable gardens even in residential homes.

Elmich is thankful for the opportunity to be part of an event that advocates an eco-friendly and green lifestyle.