Elmich as an approved Service Provider under the BOA-SIA CPD programme conducted the seminar, “Effective Waterproofing of Buildings” at the premises of the Singapore Institute of Architects on 4 August 2011.


Waterproofing Seminar 01 - Elmich


The seminar, eligible for accreditation for CPD points, provided the more than 70 participants with insights into the critical factors in ensuring effective waterproofing of buildings in Singapore. Faced with high rainfall intensity, humidity and high water table in Singapore, the challenges in waterproofing a building, from underground to the rooftop are unique, with poor waterproofing leading to high total lifecycle cost of a property.


Waterproofing Seminar 04 - Elmich

Mr Arthur Loh, Consultant with DP Architects


Waterproofing Seminar 02 - Elmich

Mr Samuel Lin, Director of Waterproofing Division in Elmich


The two presenters, Mr Arthur Loh, a Consultant with DP Architects with almost 40 years of experience and Mr Samuel Lim, Director of the Waterproofing Division in Elmich with over 15 years of experience in the building industry, focused on three critical factors involved in successful waterproofing, namely:


1 careful design and specification,
2 technically sound product, and
3 impeccable application


Waterproofing Seminar 03 - Elmich


Through the sharing of their experience, the presenters provided insights and perspectives on these three factors, sharing their knowledge and understanding on the key areas an architect must pay attention to when detailing and specifying the waterproofing requirements of a project and the product solutions available for these waterproofing requirements and the importance of proper application by contractors