VersiDrain® 25

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What is VersiDrain® 25

VersiDrain® 25 is an interlocking plastic water retention and drainage tray designed to store and drain water under extensive green roof systems.

VersiDrain® 25 trays are positioned on the waterproofing membrane, covered with geotextile, growth media and plants. Water and soluble nutrients become stored in an array of mini reservoirs or cells and are returned to the soil, via capillary action for plant uptake, when required.

VersiDrain® 25 trays incorporate interconnected channels that allow water to flow between the reservoirs. Perforations in the channels allow excess water to flow to drainage outlets.

VersiDrain® 25 protects waterproofing membranes against damage and the high compressive strength effectively supports the weight of growing media, plant species and other weight bearing loads.

VersiDrain® 25 ideal for use under lightweight extensive greenroofs, the 6.1 litres/m2 of stored water reduces the reliance on irrigation.


VersiDrain® 25 water retention and drainage trays both store and drain water, ideal for:

  • Roof gardens
  • Planter boxes
  • Intensive landscape roof decks
  • Extensive green roofs
  • Roadside turf

VersiDrain® 25 efficiently stores and drains water under green roof systems and landscaped areas

  • Interlocking lightweight trays that ensure stability
  • Flat underside reduces point loading on membrane
  • High strength trays 50 kN/m² (5t/m²) that withstand the weight of growth and plant media
  • Storage of 6.1 l/ m² of water for re-use
  • Provides efficient drainage
  • Stores water and reduces reliance on supplementary irrigation
  • Drainage of excess water
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Protection of waterproofing membranes
[vc_table vc_table_theme=”default”][b]Material,Polyethylene|[b]Colour,Black|[b]Weight,0.9%20kg%2Fm%C2%B2|[b]Sheet%20thickness,1.0%20mm|[b]Overall%20height,23%20mm|[b]Compressive%20strength,50%20kN%2Fm%C2%B2%20(5%20t%2Fm%C2%B2)|[b]Water%20storage,6.1l%2F%20m%C2%B2%20|[b]Life%20duration,%3E%2050%20years|[b]Biological%2Fchemical%20resistance,Resistant%20to%20ground%20chemicals%2C%20rot%2C%20moulds%2C%20algae%2C%20bacteria%20and%20root%20penetration.%20Does%20not%20affect%20potable%20water|[b]Fire%20resistance,B2%20(DIN%204102)[/vc_table]