What is TreeGrip

TreeGrip is an underground root ball anchoring system designed to anchor newly planted trees, keeping them upright and supporting them against strong winds.

TreeGrip is the ‘Invisible’ alternative to unsightly stakes and guy wires used for securing trees, which requires additional spaces above ground.

This system is suitable for anchoring large root-balled trees* on landscape roofs. It allows trees in tight urban environments to be properly supported during their initial establishment stage and does not affect or modify existing underground structures, utilities, or waterproofing membranes around the tree pit.


Discreet and secure anchoring

Strapping will not cut into the rootball, eliminating need of extra materials to protect rootball

Low profile anchor eliminates further excavation

Complete package, nothing else required

Max tree girth circ.400 mm400 mm
Strap length8000 mm8000 mm
Strap width35 mm35 mm
Wire length1000 mm700 mm
Wire size6 mm6 mm

Wire assembly safe working load 500 kg
BSEN12385-4, BSEN13411-1,2,3, BSEN13414-1
Straps manufactured to EN12195-2

*Rootball Width must meet the minimum size to provide sufficient anchor strength.