TurfPave® HD

What is TurfPave® HD

TurfPave® HD is a grass stabilisation module designed to create pathways for non-motorised vehicles and pedestrian footfall.

TurfPave® HD consists of a network of porous cells which protect grass roots against compaction. The openings at the base and side allow roots and plant runners to spread freely to establish vigorous root development to encourage healthy plant growth.

TurfPave® HD modules interlock ensuring that adjacent panels remain in place during and after installation.

TurfPave® HD is suitable for use as a permeable surface in surface water management as it allows rain water to percolate through the in-fill and infiltrate into the base course below. This process serves to filter pollutants at the source.

TurfPave® HD is made from recycled plastics and supports Green Building Certification.

  • Non-motorised vehicle roadways
  • Wheelchair access ways
  • Pedestrian pathways
  • Horse arena
  • Racetrack and pit areas

TurfPave® HD is used in the construction of grass access pathways for stabilisation of areas such as equestrian dressage arenas and paths.


It also serves as a slope stabilisation and erosion control measure.
• Increases soil stability
• Increases loading capacity
• Quick and easy to install
• Nestable for efficient storage

Is easily assembled requiring no special tools. The product conforms to odd shapes or profiles, and excess cells may be trimmed with simple cutting tools.

  • Prior to installation, calculate the area where TurfPave® HD is to be installed
  • Excavate and/or level the area
  • Install drainage systems, irrigation systems, and utility lines in the subgrade, as needed
  • Lay and compact a 2-10 mm gravel road base or washed paving sand to provide support for projected weight-bearing loads
  • Position TurfPave® HD cells on the compacted gravel road base or paving sand
  • Cover the TurfPave® HD cells with a recommended sand soil mix for turf establishment
  • Apply recommended moisture, water retention agents and fertilizers
  • Place rolled turf, or hydro-seed onto the filled TurfPave® HD cells
  • Implement regular maintenance schedules
TurfPave HD-2
Dimensions500 mm x 500 mm
Height35 mm
Weight~2.3 kg/m²
Compressive strength
- unfilled~50 t/m²
- sand filled~2000 t/m²
Service Temperature-30 °C to 80 °C
Biological ResistanceUnaffected by moulds and algae
Chemical ResistanceResistant to rot, oils, acids, alkalis, bitumen and naturally occurring soil chemicals