Platipus Eyebolt System – Plati-Mat®

What is Platipus Eyebolt System – Plati-Mat®?

Eyebolt System – Plati-Mat® is an underground tree anchoring rootball system that uses expanding Platipus Eyebolts to anchor trees in planter boxes, on roof gardens, or at unusual urban sites.

The Eyebolt system is a strong, compact, and lightweight system that supports trees of up to 25cm in circumference and 4.5m in height.

Platipus expanding Eyebolts hold the system firmly to planter boxes via simple mechanisms that activate the expansion shield to create a secure fixing point.

For applications with buried services or waterproofing underneath, you may click here to view the D-MAN® Anchor System, which may be a more suitable alternative.

    Roof gardens
    Planter boxes
    Challenging urban environments
    Locations with buried services or shallow planting areas
  • Plati-Mat helps with rootball protection by stopping wires from cutting into roots
  • Adjustable tendons to accommodate depth requirements
  • Ideal for planting on rooftops, containers, solid bases, and unusual sites
  • Two-way ratchet tensioner allows for even stability and pressure on the rootball
  • Easy expansion mechanism fixes system securely to planter boxes and concrete rings
2.5 - 4.5m / 12 - 25cm3 x expanding eyebolts with stainless steel wire attached, 1 x ratchet tensioner with 4 metres of wire, 3 x Plati-Mat® & 9 x rope grips