Platipus D-MAN® Anchor System – Plati-Mat®

What is Platipus D-MAN® Anchor System – Plati-Mat®

D-MAN® Anchor System – Plati-Mat® is an underground tree earth anchoring system designed to anchor trees in challenging urban environments and roof gardens where standard anchoring systems cannot be used due to shallower planting areas or buried services underneath.

D-MAN® Anchor System – Plati-Mat® is a strong, compact, and lightweight system that supports trees of up to 25cm in circumference and 4.5m in height.

D-MAN® cells hold the system firmly to the ground without the need for traditional anchors, providing excellent stability to the tree and eliminating the risk of damage to underlying waterproofing membranes or other services.

For applications with shallower planting depth or at unusual urban sites, you may click here to view the Platipus Eyebolt System – Plati-Mat®, which may be a more suitable alternative.

    Roof Gardens
    Challenging Urban Environments
    Locations with buried services or shallow planting areas


  • Simple to lock / unlock D-MAN® cells together
  • Extremely easy to use either individually or in multiples
  • Cells are omnidirectional for connecting together
  • Unique letterbox style wire tendon anchor point system
  • Unique cup shape for water storage
  • Cells are made from recycled plastic
  • Tested & approved by industry experts


2.5 - 4.5m / 12 - 25cm3 x wire chokes, 4 metres of stainless steel wire, 1 x ratchet tensioner, 3 x Plati-Mat & 3 x D-MAN® Cells