Elmich Sealing Tape P50

What is Elmich Sealing Tape P50

Elmich Sealing Tape P50 is a self-adhesive sealing butyl tape protected by a strong, high density, cross laminated, white crepped polyethylene film. The special crepped PE film allows a 60% elongation/deformability.

  • Roof sealing on complex joints, transitions and terminations
  • Wall cladding
  • Windows
  • Self-adhesive and self-sealing
  • 60% elongable/deformable
  • Compatible with most building materials metals and plastics
  • Flexible, light, easy to manage and apply

Prepare the surface and proceed as follows:
– The surface should be clean, dry, smooth and dust-free
– Unroll the tape until the desired length is reached
– Remove the silicone release film that covers the adhesive part of the tape and position Elmich Sealing Tape P50
– Press with a roller or a cloth pad
– Protect the tape from UV rays after installation.

Standard Thickness1.2 mm-
Compound ColourGrey-
Tensile StrengthLong. 215 N/50 mm | Trans. 220 N/50 mmEN 12311-1
Elongation at BreakLong. 324.0% +60% | Trans. 238.0%EN 12311-1
Specific Weight1.4 g/cm³ASTM D 792
Peel Adhesion 90°≥ 90NASTM D 1000
Loop Tack Test≥ 80NASTM D 6195
Probe Tack Test≥ 8.0NASTM D 2979
Vertical Flow0 mmISO 7390
Application Temperature0°C / +40°C-
Service Temperature-30°C / +80°C. Up to 160°C for max. 24h-