Elmich Reinforcement Tape F100

What is Elmich Sealing Tape F100

Elmich Reinforcement Tape F100 is a self-adhesive tape made of a butyl rubber compound protected by a Fleece in polypropylene. The tape has been developed for applications where it is both necessary to have a high adhesion property, featuring a finished, smooth, absorbing surface. The tape consists of easy peel siliconized release paper: both release paper edges exceed some millimeters from the tape itself, featuring an easy removable release paper.

Elmich Reinforcement Tape F100 is compatible with common glues (cement and non-cement based adhesives) and it is ideal to be used under wood, marble, ceramic etc. coverings. Elmich Reinforcement Tape F100 adheres strongly to all materials and especially to plastic, glass, steel, polycarbonate, wood and bitumen. The product must be protected from U.V. exposure.


  • Seal joint between floor slab and wall under wet areas
  • Undertile waterproofing
  • Wall cladding
  • Windows
  • Highly adhesive and compatible to most building materials, plastic, glass, steel, wood, bitumen, plastics and common glue
  • Self-adhesive and self-sealing
  • Excellent heat stability
  • High workability, plasticity and deformability
  • Solvent free

Prepare the surface and proceed as follows:
– The surface should be clean, dry, smooth and dust-free
– Unroll the tape until the desired length is reached
– Remove the silicone release film that covers the adhesive part of the tape and position Elmich Reinforcement Tape F100
– Press with a roller or a cloth pad

Standard Thickness1.0 mm-
Compound ColourGrey-
Tensile StrengthLong. >100 N/50 mm | Trasv. >100 N/50 mmEN 12311-1
Elongation at BreakLong. >70 % | Trasv. >70 %EN 12311-1
Specific Weight1.4 g/cm³ASTM D 792
Peel Adhesion 90°≥ 90NASTM D 1000
Loop Tack Test≥ 80NASTM D 6195
Probe Tack Test≥ 80NASTM D 2979
Cement Adhesive Strength C2E on Fleece0.9 N/mmqEN 12004 - EN1348
Application Temperature0°C / +40°C-
Service Temperature-30°C / +80°C. Up to 160°C for max. 24h-