Delta® MS Drain

Delta® MS Drain is a dimpled sheet with an integrated drainage layer providing a simple and cost-efficient foundation for dry cellar walls.

  • Foundation for dry cellar walls

Features an integrated water-permeable geotextile for drainage. Has a drainage capacity of 1.0 l/s ∙ m, more than three times the maximum water volume of 0.3 l/s ∙ m which, according to DIN 4095 (drainage for building protection), might occur under unfavourable circumstances. Features more than 8,900 dimples per m² which extremely improves pressure distribution compared to the c. 1,100 dimples of similar sheets. Has 55 % of its surface in contact with the waterproofing; in normal dimpled sheets, it is no more than 6.5 to 13 %.

  • Improves the distribution of pressure on the waterproofing bitumen coating/sheet dramatically
  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Can be used at depths at up to 8 m
  • Tightly-wound to save transport costs
  • Excellent durability reduces future maintenance costs
  • Sustainably protects perimeter insulation from waterlogging.

The geotextile is always on the side against the earth. The fastening is regarded as an assembly aid and is always placed above the waterproofing. The top edge of the membrane must be about 10 cm higher than the waterproofing. At the bottom, the sheet stops tight against the drainage pipe. The drainage pipe is surrounded with at least 15 cm of filter material (for example, gravel of sieve grade B 32) and at least 30 cm spreading to the drainage membrane. The back-filling of the earth should be carried out by compacting in layers. The backfill material should not contain sharp-edged broken stone of more than 10 cm diameter. After backfilling, the sheet is cut off at ground level. Then the DELTA® NOPPENBAHNEN PROFILE is fixed. With 1.9 m height of waterproofing, the sheet is rolled out against the wall and fixed at the smooth edges. For heights greater than 1.9 m, the sheets are laid vertically abutting each other. With overlapping, the connecting sheet is always pushed under the lifted edge of the geotextile. The final sheet should overlap the first sheet by at least 30 cm. If vertically-laid sheets have to be lengthened, the new lower sheet must be pushed up at least 20 cm under the upper sheet. Fix both together with at least 4 DELTA® fixing nails. Plastic light-shafts should be fixed directly on the sheet. Cut out the window openings later. If the light-shafts are already installed, cut the sheet horizontally exactly on the lower edge of the light-shaft, and once vertically in the middle. The two flaps thus formed are fixed to the sides of the light-shaft with DELTA® fixing nails. Also fix the sheet at the edges under the light-shaft with 2 DELTA® fixing nails. At cable or pipe penetrations, cut out in a V shape and fix a piece of sheet about 30 x 30 cm with 2 DELTA® fixing nails. On perimeter insulation, the drainage membrane can be fixed with the DELTA® TERRAXX Schraube, use 1 screw/m2.

MaterialDimpled high density polyethylene sheet with a fused-on hydrophilic polopropylene geotextile
Dimple height~4 mm
Air gap~2.6 l/m2
Characteristic opening size (EN ISO 13433)~0.6 mm
Compressive strength~300 kN/m2
Drainage capacity~1.0 l/s.m
Temperature resistance-30°C to 80°C
CE-conformabilityDIN EN 13252
Roll Size2 m x 30 m
MaterialDimpled high density polyethylene sheet with a fused-on hydrophilic polopropylene geotextile
Dimple height~4 mm