Located within close proximity of Holland Village, Singapore’s “Bohemian” enclave with chic shops and bistros lies a dream home nestled in Ford Avenue.

This impressive house contains a drive way, swimming pool, outdoor patio and water features. Particularly, the private pool area surrounded by a timber deck emits a luxurious yet intimate feel which naturally becomes the homeowners’ favourite oasis.

The designer also incorporated raised pavers to form a pathway that links the front garden to the backyard providing convenience and functionality in terms of accessibility and maintenance of concealed pipes and services.







Approximately 700 Green Label certified VersiJack® pedestals were used to provide support for the pavers and decking to create a home that blends well with the natural environment.


Project Credits:

Client / Developer: Homeowner
Landscape Architect: Sanjeev Kumar
Pedestal Manufacturer: Elmich Pte Ltd

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