Introducing Pedestal Leveling Tool

Introducing Pedestal Leveling Tool


Elmich Pedestal Leveling Tool is a convenient instrument to determine the slope direction and what slope (from 0 to 5%) the installation surface is at the pedestal position. Read more

Launch of New Improved Pedestals

Two new VersiJack low-height pedestals and a new improved VersiPave have joined our product portfolio as part of Elmich’s continual endeavour to innovate and improve. Read more

Elmich VGM Green Wall system tested to tropical revolving storm (TRS) wind conditions

Elmich VGM® Green Wall system was put through a comprehensive wind tunnel test in Melbourne, Australia to validate its integrity and safety under a tropical revolving storm condition. Read more

Introducing MEP® Tray : Green & Beautiful Roofs the simple way!

A quick and simple way of establishing an extensive green roof in relatively short lead time is now available with the introduction of the Elmich MEP® Tray (Modular Extensive Planting Tray) system. Read more