VGM Green Wall installation in a San Francisco residential setting

Seminar on Green Roofs & Green Walls in Panama

Twenty-nine architects and construction professionals at the Cámara Panameña de la Construcción, in Panamá were enlightened by a “Green Roofs and Green Walls” seminar delivered by José Magán, Elmich’s Architectural and Design Advisor at Elmich North America LLC, on 15 November 2011. Read more

Elmich VGM Green Wall @ B&B Italia Showroom

Space Furniture represents the most number of top-tier European furniture companies, including B&B Italia, using Singapore as the springboard to launch their ultra-luxury furniture products into the rest of Asia. Their new “SPACE” multiplex showcase at Bencoolen Street, Singapore, features some of the finest modern contemporary furniture pieces that top European brands have to offer. The showroom occupies an area of 4,000 sq m spanning across three distinct, yet conjoined blocks, including two retrofitted conservation buildings. Read more