VersiWall® GP LW

What is VersiWall® GP LW

VGP LW is a lightweight, low-maintenance and flexible vertical greening system that allows designers the freedom to articulate aesthetically pleasing green walls anywhere.

VGP LW has been designed with both ease of installation as well as safety in mind. Trays can be mounted either through direct wall fixing or mounted on a mesh, which includes security clips and a security screw system to prevent the trays from being accidentally dislodged. The trays can also accept standard 100 mm plant pots instead of filling the Tray with growing medium.

VGP LW allows for convenient plant maintenance and design change, with trays removable from their mounts without disturbing the irrigation system. Each tray has a water reservoir to sustain plant growth and minimize maintenance.

VGP LW comes in two lengths so that they can fit the overall length of an installation, with minimal gaps between trays and a continuous line of planting even around corners. The longer tray length (500 mm) makes VGP LW more cost-effective compared to systems comprising of shorter length your needs.

  • Interior walls
  • Exterior walls
  • Free standing walls
  • Building facades

Lightweight – 68 kg/m2 to 75 kg/m2 with no added load to existing structure. Safety - Fastening screws prevent inadvertent dislodgement of trays. Drainage -Drainage outlets allows excess water to flow into underlying trays or fitted to discharge pipes. Plant Density – Flexible vertical and horizontal tray spacing allows variable plant density and design options. Water Re-use - Base reservoir enables re-use of stored water/fertiliser. Irrigation Irrigation pipes are concealed between trays or at the rear. Installation - Easily secured directly to the wall mounted on standard welded mesh or rods. Tray Width - 250 mm and 500 mm tray widths facilitate easy planning and design of green wall.

Material Polypropylene
Tray size VGP 250LW VGP 500LW 250 mm (W) x 148 mm (H) x 140 mm (D1) 500 mm (W) x 148 mm (H) x 140 mm (D1)
Depth from wall 143 mm
Tray planting volume VGP 250LW VGP 500LW ~ 2.1 L ~ 4.6 L
Weight (planted) VGP 250LW VGP 500LW < 68 kg/m2 < 75 kg/m2
Biological / Chemical Resistance Unaffected by moulds and algae. Good resistance to alkali and bitumen
Vertical pitch between trays > 125 mm
Service temperature - 30 ºC to 80 ºC