Joan Road – Singapore


To provide a green wall system for the establishment of an instant mature green wall.


A metal framework for the welded mesh was secured and positioned in place. VGP Mesh Brackets were mounted on the horizontal strips of the metal frame to anchor the welded mesh.

The VersiWall® GT (VGT) Pilasters were positioned and firmly fastened using stainless steel bolts. Subsequently, support bolts were installed in preparation for the VGT Trays to be mounted.

Pre-planted VGT Trays are delivered on-site, and mounted on the support bolts.

Irrigation pipes are inserted through the holes of the Pilasters unobtrusively. An automated irrigation system with an integrated control panel enables delivery of irrigation water and fertilizer to the plants of the green walls at pre-set times and programmed durations.

The VGT green wall totaling 5 sqm installed at the fitted container delivers functional aesthetics, providing thermal insulation and a solution to enhance environmental sustainability.