What is Synthaprufe

Synthaprufe is a high performance brush applied damp-proofing emulsion containing synthetic rubber latex, which provides a waterproof, and vapour resistant, black elastomeric membrane.

Low odour, with exceptional flexibility and crack resistance, even at low temperatures. Excellent resistance to sulphates and other soil salts.

  • Damp proofing of concrete, brick, blockwork and masonry, with
    vertical surfaces being finished with gypsum based plaster
  • Adhesive for unsealed wood block flooring (min 10 mm thick).
  • Tanking of basements.
  • High compressive strength of 400 kN/m2
  • 9 mm dimples provides high drainage capacity
  • Resists degradation in soil and chemical attack
  • Non-polluting of drinking water
  • Unaffected by saline solutions, acids, alkalines, oil, polar liquids and solvents
  • Rot-proof
  • Excellent temperature range from – 30 °C to + 80 °C
  • Excellent resistance to puncture and decay
  • Guaranteed against degradation for 20 years
  • Outstanding drainage capacity of 3.1 l/s · m under a load of 20 kN/m2
  • Meets EN 13252, DIN 4095 and DIN 18195 requirements

Application temperature should be between +3 and +27°C. IKOpro Synthaprufe Original is ready for use and should not be thinned.

The substrate needs to be sound, clean and grease-free. On brickwork a thin skim coat of sand-cement render may be required to level the surface.

Porous and warm, dry surfaces should be dampened with clean cold water.

Stir well before and occasionally during use and apply IKOpro Synthaprufe Original by brush evenly and in one direction. Do not work like paint. Allow drying thoroughly before subsequent coats are applied. Total thickness of dried coats should be a minimum of 1.0 mm. Do not apply in wet weather or when rain or frost is likely. Always ensure good ventilation.

When damp proofing internally, vertical application requires 3 coats and must be covered with minimum 12 mm gypsum based plaster system. Horizontal requires 2 coats and must be covered with a minimum 50 mm sand-cement screed. In all situations, the final coat of IKOpro Synthaprufe Original should be blinded with clean, sharp sand prior to the application of surface finishes. Do not use externally above ground.

When externally tanking e.g. retaining walls, apply 3 coats and protect with IKO Protection Board. When internally tanking, the membrane must be fully supported to resist external water pressure.

Horizontal application requires 2 coats, the final coat being blinded with clean and sharp sand and must be covered with a minimum 50 mm sand-cement screed. Vertical requires 3 coats and must be supported with a block work wall, built off the screed, minimum 40 mm from the membrane. The 40 mm cavity must be fully filled with sand-cement mortar as the wall is constructed.

All angles should be pre-treated with 1 coat of IKOpro Synthaprufe Original extending 150 mm either side, at a rate of 1m2/Litre. A 300mm wide strip of reinforcing fabric (lightweight polyester fleece) is embedded into the surface while still wet.

Unsuitable for ponds or other aquatic applications.


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