Reactive Filter Media

What is Reactive Filter MediaTM

Reactive Filter MediaTM is custom designed for specific treatment applications using a blend of tailored components in defined proportions that are engineered for specific performance requirements such as contaminant removal, lifespan, hydraulic conductivity, compaction and plant growth.

 The Reactive Filter MediaTM product range includes Ecomedia® and Infiltreat®.

The Ecomedia® range is custom designed to achieve performance requirements in vegetated applications.

The Infiltreat® range is custom designed to achieve performance requirements in non vegetated applications.

Treatment of dissolved contaminants is achieved by chemical and biological processes created by the selected components in the filter media.

These processes include:

• Sorption • Precipitation
• Ion exchange • Volatilisation
• Microbial biodegradation • Phytoremediation

      Rain gardens
      Landscape gardens
      Sports fields, Golf courses
      Fill around permeable pipes
      Roof gardens, Planter boxes
      Sand filters
      Leach drains
      Retaining walls
      Car park
      Building site runoff
      Water harvesting/reuse
      Sub-surface drainage systems
      Under permeable paving system
      Pavement sub base (structural grade)
      Pavement sub base (non structural grade)
      Detention basins
      Kerb-gully by-pass system
    Remove pollutants from water to enable harvesting and reuse or be safely discharged into waterways.

Available upon request.

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