Rain Gardens at Teban Vista

Rain Gardens at Teban Vista

VersiTank® installed in the landscaped grounds of Teban Vista create visually attractive “dry pond/rain garden” features that provide effective at source management of stormwater. Read more

Firefly Park @ Clementi

VersiTank® infiltration and percolation tanks were installed to form a vegetated bioswale network integrated into the landscape grounds of the Firefly Park @ Clementi. The bioswale facilitates drainage in the park as an environmentally friendly alternative to open concrete drains. Sumps installed at strategic intervals along the linear swale, permit easy maintenance and inspection as water makes its way to discharge points positioned at where the gradient of the park is lowest before entering the external drainage network for discharge. Read more

VGM Green Walls @ Double Bay Residences

Elmich VGM Green Wall turns all five levels of the Clubhouse façade and a free-standing wall at the entrance to Double Bay Residences into exciting living walls. Read more